Healthy Weightloss and Fitness: December 2008

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


It is hard to decide which cardio exercise is more
effective to burn off body fat. Both low and high
intense exercise will help you to burn off body fat.

Scientist first discovered that during intense
exercise,your body burns glycogen, which is
carbohydrates that are stored in your liver
and muscles and used for energy.Your body
burns a lot of fat during low intense exercises.

Does it work? The answer is no. There are so many
obese people today. Even though they work out
with low intense routines, it still makes you
wonder why.

Scientist were right about burning more fat with
low intense routines like walking or swimming.
During a high intense routine like running, the body
will burn a lot more calories. Even if the calories
burned are not from glycogen, there are still many
calories burned.

When glycogen gets low, the carbs from the food
you eat will turn into glycogen to fill up the stored
and wont be turned into body fat when left unused
for energy.

High intense will start up your
metabolism even after you complete your workout.
Because your body will continue to burn body fat
for hours after you exercised. This effect does not
happen in a low intense routine

Your body burns up a lot more calories during and
after you finish a high intensity cardio exercise than
it will with low intensity.

You can use high intense exercises in your cardio
workout by introducing some interval training. You
can walk for 10 minutes or so, then break into some
brisk walking and then jogging for another 5 minutes
or so. Then, walk again until you have caught your
breath and then jog for a few minutes before you
walk again. From this point, alternate your running
and walking for the next 20 minutes until you are

The best thing about cardio is the more you do it, the
more energy you have. Cardio will help you burn
calories, its also more useful for keeping your energy
level high.

If you never tried cardio before, you should. If you
like to exercise, you will find that cardio the best way
to boost your energy and keep you in shape. If you
are just starting, go slow and keep your heart rate in
track -it is very easy to exhaust yourself.

Remember to drink plenty of water and get proper rest after your work out.

Monday, December 1, 2008


1.The biggest issue in dieting is healthy choices, everyone knows that. Do not ever starve yourself it just slows your metabolism, eat periodically throughout the day, every 2-3hrs and make healthy choices, no candy, cakes, cookies and try to stay away from bread and pasta. It's ok to treat yourself once in a while and in moderation. Drinks, stay away from anything with sugar, believe it or not that glass of soda has a lot of calories, cutting out your sugary sweet drinks can help out a lot, try it for a week I bet you'll loose a few pounds and have a bit more energy.

2.Everyone should take some kind of vitamin supplement to keep their energy going and stay healthy, but, of course everyone is different and your best bet would always be consult your doctor about what kinds you should and should not be taking, because if your taking prescribed medication already it could effect you.

3. Yes that dreadful word. It is very important to get some kind of exercise regimen going. Walking or jogging is great cardio and burns a lot of calories, start off walking 30 minutes 3 times a week, then work your way up to at least 6 times a week, then stretch it out to 45 minutes before you know it some of that time you'll be jogging and believe it or not you will see the fat melting off. If you want to tone up your flab lifting weights is of course great for that and their are a lot of different work outs for what you want to target on (belly, but, thighs) of course it takes a while for woman to see progress than it is for men, but if your consistent you will see results. Their are also things like workout videos and palates those also work great and like I said before be consistent, you will see a results. I know its hard but if you want to look good bad enough you will succeed. If you have to get a partner to do it with you, its always good to have someone supporting you.

Keep these three things in mind on your quest for loosing weight and staying healthy, I promise you, you will see results, keep going you can do it!

And don't forget to drink plenty of water and get proper rest!